VarNik Virtual Email

VSSPL provides user friendly practice with advanced monitoring and management tool to ensure our customer’s email service is up and running always. Contact us!


You can create and manage multiple personal and shared calendars, set reminders and recurrences.


Create multiple task lists featuring individual action items with completion dates. You can keep track of task status from the update section of the tasks


VarNik Email Solutions provides you the solution to make quick notes and attach them to the email. Once you attach a Sticky Notes, it will automatically pop-up that notes next time you re-open that email.
  • Log basic info of all incoming and outgoing emails.
  • Administer your personal data like calendar or contacts in one central location.
  • All functions are completely online.
  • Perfect protection with email blacklists, white lists and phishing filter.
  • Easy to use Webmail which is also compatible with Outlook and mobile devices.
  • Inbuilt anti-spam and anti-virus.
  • Shared Calendars and Company Directory.
  • Manage your entire hosted email account with just a single click.
  • Unique and Customized Domain.
  • BYOD solutions.
  • Rich Email Tagging.
  • Limit unwanted email with graymail filtering.
  • Encrypt emails without any complexity.
  • Reduce risk of data exfiltration.
  • Simple and powerful administration for superior protection.
  • Inbuilt anti-spam and anti-virus.
  • Catch-all accounts supported.
  • Shared mailboxes supported.
  • Force user to change password in 90 days.
  • Read, write, send and archive your e-mails anywhere and anytime.