VarNik Virtual Cloud Storage

VarNik Virtual Cloud Storage is secure & affordable. We offer Reliable internet block device combining unlimited storage, enterprise grade security.

Aggregates of storage available for provisioning.
Flexible Volumes and LUNs.
A single console for managing all types of data on disk, flash, files and object storage systems.
Online expansion without affecting data availability.
Linear scalability — scale capacity and performance together.
Analytics-driven tiered storage optimization.
Simplified visual administration tools .
Near-instant data protection and recovery capabilities.
Benefits of traditional SAN storage right in your server infrastructure.
Truly BYOD – access anywhere, anytime and any device.
Raid Array Disk Aggregates with Increased data integrity and performance.
Multi-Tier Caching.
High end protection for your business information and data.
Periodic data scrubbing detects and corrects errors before it’s too late.
Scales to handle millions of files efficiently.
Intelligent, automated management minimizes tedious administrative tasks .
Choice of license plans.
80% less Storage Costs.
Deliver enterprise storage features without a SAN.
Large-scale Windows Filer with Active Directory.
  • Agile—Create an instant Converged Infrastructure with flexibility and data mobility.
  • Efficient—Lower annual data center and remote office costs.
  • Scalable—Grow on demand to meet new virtualization challenges.
  • Highly Available—Support all users with superior data high availability even in remote and branch offices.