Varnik Virtual Cloud Desktops Infrastructure

VarNik Virtual Cloud Storage is secure & affordable. We offer Reliable internet block device combining unlimited storage, enterprise grade security.

Secure access to documents and files from personal devices, login and access .
Login and access.
Fully customizable, just like a physical desktop.
Extend the life of your desktop hardware while still providing the latest OS and apps to your end users.
Ease of deployment.
Deploy and manage cloud-hosted desktops from a single console with built-in security. Reduce upfront costs and lower your desktop TCO.
Deliver cloud-hosted virtual desktops and RDS-hosted shared desktops and apps from a single platform.
Users can securely share files and collaborate with customers and business partners from anywhere.
Secure VDI experience with out strong security policy.
Streamline operations and reduce the support burden on IT with fully managed desktops and hosted apps.
Cloud economics enable you to move from CapEx to OpEx, making your expenses predictable.
Manage virtual desktops and hosted apps with existing credentials and permission.
  • Mobility - With students learning in remote locations or in online environments, the ability to access the virtual desktop environment from any location is key. VDI moves desktop computing into the data center where it can be consumed from anywhere and across a variety of devices, including mobile devices such as iPads.
  • Extended hardware life - A VDI solution has the potential to extend the life of current hardware.
  • Better security - Using VDI solution data will be secured within the data center. All computing, processing and data storage happens in and stays in the data center. For the systems based on the VDI solution, operating system upgrades are easy and free of cost. Physical desktops are resource-heavy, difficult to maintain, and limit mobility. Organizations need dedicated IT staff just to keep their desktops in good running order. Scalability is a problem; upgrades are usually wasteful. As Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) becomes more common, traditional desktops make even less business sense. The obvious answer is a virtual desktop environment.