VarNik Virtual Cloud Database

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Everything You Need

VarNik Virtual Database is everything you need for your personal and business use. Intended to support all your modern requirements.

Simplified Management

Create, modify, delete and manage performance optimized instances of MySQL, MSSQL, and Oracle Server using our Cloud Control Panel, CLI, or API.
  • Security & Simplicity.
  • Flexibility.
  • Easy to Administer.
  • Available, Durable & Inexpensive .
  • Automatic Host Replacement.
  • Database Snapshots as desired.
  • Encryption at Rest and in Transit.
  • Native SQL Server and third-party application access.
  • Intuitive DB consoles.
  • Clone multiple databases with minimal impact in performance and storage.
  • Simplify backup, recovery, DR and provisioning.
  • Outsourcing Maintenance.
  • The scalability cannot be matched by physical or dedicated machines.
  • Completely self-sustained and functional.
  • Integrating disparate databases under a centralized console.