VarNik Cloud Web Conference

Mobility conversion is easy with VarNik web conference an integrated unified communication solutions specifically. Contact us today to see how we can help!

Audio and Web communication with just a link.
Cut the travel expenses while meeting new people.
File sharing in real time.
Overcome geographical limitations, communicate with anyone, anywhere at any time.
Multi-Platform: Use VarNik Web Conference with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, and iPad. Share presentations with “n” number people.
Benefit from an easy user interface with robust functionality, interactive tools and integrated audio controls.
Enhanced security control over your meetings.
Utilize one central online location to manage all aspects of your meetings.
Extend the reach of your presentations by emailing out the recordings.
Share presentations with “n” number people.
Enhance department meetings, training, sales presentations and project management capabilities.
  • With the inbuilt screen sharing option, help others who have connected with you in the meeting understand what you are discussing about by sharing your screen.
  • With the collaborative tools available, make use of whiteboard and annotation tools to mark the document you are discussing in the meeting.
  • We let you scream live webcam video in every meeting session.
  • Record your meeting audio with just one click. Share it with your participants, with the encrypted security.
  • Easily schedule a meeting without much effort.
  • You can attend meetings anytime and anywhere with any mobile device supported by 3G/ Wi-Fi.