About Product :

VarNik – IT Consulting Services: V-Mart is our offline software for product management.


Only registered customer can place an order online.
Customer screen will have the Personal information like name, address, billing and mailing address etc..
Customer can have multiple carts and would be able to track all placed orders.
The Admin screen will have the details about purchase orders and the client details.
Through Admin screen we can also overwrite and process order. Admin will be able to change the product and send the confirmation to the customer.
The mode of payment is through cash on delivery and through online Banking.
We can also generate reports like Inventory report Cash flow report Customer wise report Overall sales report
Notification Management includes User Registration PO placed confirmation PO approval Confirmation Shipping & Delivery
  • Easily analyze year-to-date sales vs. previous year-to-date sales for accurate measurements and projections.
  • Calculate inventory turns and build custom reports to combine sales and inventory levels.
  • Utilize up to 10 categories to drill down data into multiple units of measure (units, cost, margin, etc).