About Product :

VarNik – IT Consulting Services: is a online Marketing / online Shopping Cart.


Mykadai is a website where products of multiple vendors are displayed and customer can able to select the products and place order for the selected products .
The customer can pay the order amount either by online payment or COD. The order will be sent to respective vendor for further process like delivering product and generating invoice if the order is placed in COD. Customer can be able to Register a account in website to maintain and follow the progress of orders.
Customer can track their shipment of ordered from the website itself.
Vendor can sell their product in Mykadai website. They have a console to manage their stocks and accounts of shop. They are also able to process the order placed by the customer in mykadai websites.
  • Having the right online shopping cart can boost your online business Online shopping has become a major part of people’s lives. Countless entrepreneurs, looking to take advantage of the online shopping trend, have established e-commerce websites. A core component of e-commerce is having a shopping cart. Every online entrepreneur who wants to establish an e-commerce website needs to have an online shopping cart. There’s a reason the online shopping cart has become a major part of e-commerce.
  • Multiple Payment Mode Compatibility A well-designed online shopping cart allows you to process payments many ways. Multiple payment options make the purchase possible for all types of visitors to the website, which boosts sales.
  • Digital Product Storage and Delivery Systems When people make a payment for a digital product, they expect to receive it immediately. You need to provide this service, but be aware of the danger of digital products being stolen or shared freely. The digital product storage and delivery systems of the online shopping cart can deal with both aspects of e-commerce. They ensure quick and prompt delivery and protect the digital product from being freely shared or stole.
  • Improved Product Management A young e-commerce website might not see product management as an issue, but an established one cannot ignore it. As an e-commerce website grows, its offerings also grow. This makes managing them more difficult. Most good online shopping carts come with product management tools designed to help e-commerce entrepreneurs cope with growth issues.