Fleet Management

About Product :

VSSPL Fleet (vehicle) management manages range of functions, such as vehicle financing,vehicle maintenance,vehicle telematics(tracking & diagnostics)
& more.


It is a website to book a cab service. Fleet management consists of 3 Module

Admin Module

For the one who provide a travel service. Here Admin can add and manage all the vehicles, drivers. Admin can track the current location of his vehicles with the help of google map and GPS devices. Admin can change the driver for each vehicle at any time and track the vehicle status like odometer value, oil status etc.. Admin also able to create a trip for any customer and assign a vehicle and driver to the trip from this module. And also able to view and track all booking placed by the customer directly in websites.

Customer module

Customer can view their current position and available nearest cab details once they registered in the website. They can able to request a booking for cab service by simply clicking a button. Customer can view the trip details like driver name, phone number, vehicle type etc.. Once the customers request is confirmed by a driver. The driver will reach the customer place and start their trip. When they reach their destination the trip amount will be notified to the customer and they can pay the cash to driver.

Driver Module

In this module Driver can view the customer request closer to their location. They can select a request and confirm the customer booking by Pick up option and driver and vehicle detail will send to the customer. Driver will go to the customer location to pickup them and start the trip. Once the driver drop the customer to destination and amount for the trip will be calculated based the travel distance and waiting hours in between the trip and notified to the customer. Then Driver can get the cash from the customer.
  • The benefits of fleet management systems to your business can occur through its integration. Saving money on fuel, optimizing productivity through efficient time management software, improving customer service quality and increasing employee’s satisfaction are just some of the benefits of fleet management you will enjoy when implementing the system to your business.
  • Fleet management improves productivity by saving time not only to drivers or mechanics, but also to administrators and managers. GPS tracking gives the possibility to plan routes efficiently, to receive traffic updates and to predict the time of departure and arrival.
  • One of the greatest advantages of fleet management is the possibility of reducing costs through various functionalities. The fuel information, together with an efficient route planning, leads to optimizing the fuel consumption and the excessive idle time costs.
  • Through integrated tracking systems, customers get real-time information about the location of their assets. Furthermore, they receive their cargo safely and on time due to efficient time planning. This improves the overall customer satisfaction and may lead to a long term involvement, meaning a long-term revenue.
  • Integrating fleet management systems requires dedication from both the employer and the employee. An efficient information flow is important for the successful implementation of the system. This means that the features of the fleet management system should be well communicated to the employees.