Automated Innovative Incident Dashboard

About Product :

VSSPL AIID shows different categories of ticket statistics via dashboard display using android application, controlled by web application


There are two modules associated with this project.

Web Application
Android application
  • Security & Simplicity.
  • Flexibility.
  • Easy to Administer.
  • Available, Durable & Inexpensive .
  • Automatic Host Replacement.
  • Database Snapshots as desired.
  • Encryption at Rest and in Transit.
  • Native SQL Server and third-party application access.
  • Intuitive DB consoles.
  • Clone multiple databases with minimal impact in performance and storage.
  • Simplify backup, recovery, DR and provisioning.
  • Outsourcing Maintenance.
  • The scalability cannot be matched by physical or dedicated machines.
  • Completely self-sustained and functional.
  • Integrating disparate databases under a centralized console.