Automated CMDB Innovative Monitoring

About Product :

VSSPL helps you map out your IT and service ecosystem by adding an additional layer of intelligence, one which maps alerts back to what generated them and why.


ACIM effectively manages and improves your systems, provides you exactly what assets are there in your IT environment and have current and accurate configuration data.

ACIM provides an accurate configuration management database (CMDB), it's easy to understand your organization's IT environment, particularly in the areas of service impact analysis, asset management, compliance, and configuration management.
ACIM brings you real-time data from datacenter (Physical hosts, Virtual hosts, Storage) for analyzing, updating the inventory for inventory management.
ACIM provides event logging for each and every changes on your datacenter updates.
  • Adds intelligence to CMDB.
  • Makes alerts service-aware by integrating monitoring with your CMDB. Map nodes, metrics, and checks to the infrastructure and services they impact.
  • Test-drive monitoring tools that add intelligence to your CMDB.