VarNik Virtual Learning Environment

About Product :
VVLE puts your students at the center of the learning experience making them both teacher and student. Teachers will develop a curriculum, share ideas, and upload contents to make the students engaged and motivated.


Intuitive user friendly Learner Portal with Zero learning curve .

Collaborative tools to allow learners to interact with each other for knowledge sharing and enhancement .

Supports multiple types of media format.

Highly Configurable for enabling or disabling features from Admin Panel.

Quick Report Generation.

User friendly.

Create & maintain Question Banks.

Create multiple type of exams & assessments.

Assign questions to examinees on random for fair assessment; prevent possibilities of cheating.

Allow Examiners to Score Subjective Questions Online Publish scores / results online/ offline for convenience of learners .


    • Assessing the student/end users.
    • Taking feed backs.
    • Letting them submit and share their work.
    • Collaborate with the peers.
    • Institutive design and easy navigation.
    • Supports application integration with other content management applications.
    • Access from various mobile devices.
    • Class administration and organization.
    • Creation of lesson plans using existing resources.
    • Assessment and monitoring of students.
    • Allocation and marking of on-line assignments.
    • Discussion and support with students on line.
    • Self-assessment and summative assessment.
    • Easy delivery of training materials .
    • Centralized and automated administration.
    • Use self-service and self-guided services.
    • Assemble and deliver learning content instantly .
    • Consolidate training initiatives on a scalable web-based platform.
    • Support portability and standards.
    • Personalize content and enable knowledge reuse.

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