Can you retrieve artifact and data if you cancel VarNik Cloud Support?

Yes. VSSPL recognizes that customer data remains the property of the customer and provides appropriate means for customers to take possession of their data within a specified period after service cancelation.

Can you use VarNik Cloud applications from mobile devices?

Yes. VarNik Cloud applications are platform independent applications.

How can you start using VarNik Cloud?

To access VarNik Cloud, all you need is an Internet connection and any Windows or Mac system configuration capable of running a certified Web browser.

The VarNik Cloud website (varnikcloud.com) is the one-stop shop for all your service subscription needs. For details on how you can try out the services or purchase them, please follow the instructions for the specific services or contact your VarNik Cloud sales representative.

How is system maintenance and upgrades performed in VarNik Cloud?

VarNik Cloud Operations performs changes to cloud hardware infrastructure, operating software, product software, and supporting application software to maintain operational stability, availability, security, and performance of the VarNik Cloud. These changes are performed as part of regular systems maintenance according to a pre-defined scheduled service period.
VSSPL will notify the clients in advance about any maintenance or upgrades to be performed in the client’s environment

What is varNik Cloud?

VarNik Cloud is an industry-leading Cloud Computing Platform that features instant online provisioning of virtual machines and virtual appliances. Creating, scaling and managing your online infrastructure has never been this easy.

You can configure instance sizes for a variety of user cases like test and development, basic web applications, complex multi-tier deployments and large-scale data processing but not limited to this.

What is VarNik Cloud’s mission?

Our mission is to provide our leading enterprise technology and related services with high competence, with global presence and with cost effective solutions within premium user experience to users anywhere in the globe.

What kind of support is provided in VaNik Cloud?

VarNik Cloud Services include Global Customer Support through multiple options, including telephonic support, Community Forums and My VarNik Support. VSSPL assure you 24/ 7 with full end-to-end IT infrastructure support.

VarNik Cloud Support:

Can I buy extra storage?

Yes. You will be allocated extra storage based on your request. Still you will be charged separately for the extra storage.

How many users can go on to each machine?

The number of customers on a Cloud Server host machine depends on the size of the customers’ Cloud Servers, and the type of operating system and the package they chose.

What if I mess up with my Cloud Server?

You can reboot your server. You can restore from backup. You can boot in to an emergency mode and try fixing the problem. There are so many available options. But the easiest among everything is to contact us for support.

What is VarNik virtual server?

VarNik Virtual Server mean virtual servers which run on cloud computing environment. That is why very often Cloud Servers are referred to as Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS). This is because a virtual dedicated server can be placed only on a single hardware server and thus suffers from a single point of failure when any of its hardware fails. VarNik Virtual servers run as software-independent units. This means that a cloud server has all the software it requires to run and does not depend on any centrally-installed software.

Will I be billed if my server is off?

Yes. You will be billed for the resources that are used on the host while your server is in the Active status. When your server is created, you are given a dedicated amount of RAM and hard drive space. As long as your server exists, no one else will be able to use those resources that have been allocated to you – this is why you are billed even while powered off. If you would like to stop incurring charges for a given server, you must delete that server in the Control Panel

Will it be difficult if I’m new to Server Maintenance?

Maybe. It depends upon your experience as System Administrator Linux and/or Windows Server. Cloud Servers are geared towards customers who want to start from scratch and tune a system for their own purposes.

Will you help me install the packages in the server?

Yes. We provide end to end support.

VarNik Email Service:

How do I submit a ticket?

Submitting ticket is easy. Just call us at +91 431 235 1100

How many Group Lists can I create?

There’s no hard limit to how many Group Lists you can have.

What is the maximum mailbox storage?

The maximum mailbox storage is 2GB.

What is the maximum size for the attachment?

The maximum size for the attachment is 25MB

What is VarNik Email Solutions?

VarNik Email Solutions is a web based email service which lets you to focus on your business completely by taking care of your email platform. VarNik email solution enables you to more efficiently and reliably manage all your emails.

What is your policy on spam/ bulk email?

We follow a strict policy on spam/ bulk emails

What will I do if I’m locked out of my control panel?

No worries! Just call our support team at 91 431 235 1100 and we will help you squared away.

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Big Data is the phrase used to describe massive volume of both structured and unstructured data. With VarNik Big Data technology excellence, you can deliver stupendous business process outcome to your customers.

VarNik Big data solutions were designed having in mind only one thing. Your Data Security.

Why VarNik Big Data?

Our Big Data Analysis services are combined with Hadoop and the existing data warehouse systems to manage additional and peak load data analysis. This Hadoop and existing warehouse system give an edge to your business and organizations.

Employing Hadoop and managing it efficiently and in a cost effective manner is largely a challenge for many enterprises. Also writing programs utilizing Hadoop is unnecessarily complex and constraining. With VarNik Big Data Service, it is easily achievable. We are here to help you stop worrying about any hurdles you have to face with managing Big Data



New nodes can be added as required without any hurdle like changing the data format in the system, or the way how data is loaded, how jobs are written, or the applications on top.

Cost effective

Hadoop brings massively parallel computing to commodity servers. The result is a sizeable decrease in the cost per terabyte of storage, which in turn makes it affordable to model all your data.


Hadoop is schema-less, and can absorb any type of data, structured or not, from any number of sources. Data from multiple sources can be joined and aggregated in arbitrary ways enabling deeper analyses than any one system can provide.

Fault tolerant

When you lose a node, the system redirects work to another location of the data and continues processing without missing a fright beat.

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