Real Estate Gateway

About Product :
It is a free script for building a website containing information about buying, renting, selling or changing of realty (apartments, houses, land property etc). This product can be used for creating a web platform for your business as well as for developing your own business from the ground up. The Gateway is a ready-to-use business solution. It can increase the profits of the real estate agency and the real estate agents as well.


User experience & behavior research shows that simple navigations with less menus, as well as clean and image-driven pages, perform better. Our websites reduce the clutter, and enhance your online image.

Design efforts are put into factors that keep people on your website – big beautiful photos, video tours and other impactful content. Analytics prove that text-heavy pages such as buyers/sellers, sale stages & tax information pages get very little to no traffic at the end.

Clean & simple layouts, modern flat UI design, big & bold elements where it matters – not only does it look good, it makes it easy to navigate for your customers and lead to better retention & conversion rates.


Convenient for Users and Administrators

    • Ability to add listings of property for sale and for rent in different currencies.
    • Simple and nice design.
    • Quick work of the site.
    • Simple control panel.
    • Online property booking.
    • Easy search through all listings.

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