Digital Signage CMS

About Product :
The cloud-based digital signage platform that helps you design and schedule easily from the web!. Digital signage CMS enables you to design and schedule your monitors easily from the web, using your computer, tablet or smart phone. It works on any screen ratio, and handles a large collection of file formats, including videos, presentations.


Our corporate digital signage system makes your job much easier by enabling you to deliver the right message in just the right way with no complex file conversion and easy file upload.

User can display any media content as per their needs at their desired place and time.

Digital Signage CMS will add value to your business promotions, events, and special occasions.

Digital Signage CMS provides users to register and purchase the display time for displaying ads at the user's intended location.

Media content can be managed through management console.

Digital Signage CMS solves the IT challenge by keeping your bandwidth and resource needs low due to the below factors.


Our cloud based Digital Signage CMS have many more advantages that includes.

    • Cloud-based SaaS technology.
    • Uses secure pull technology.
    • 128-bit encryption communications.
    • Low bandwidth requirements.
    • Uses standard broadband connection.
    • Content is cached, not streamed.
    • Robust content management system.
    • Automatic software updates.
    • Scalable for one or many locations.
    • Robust and secure technology.

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