Resource Strength

Putting Together a Strong Management Team: Assembling a capable management team is one of the first corner stone of the organization building tasks. Determination of core management team and finding the right people for different positions is extremely important.

  • VSSPL spend considerable effort in screening and evaluating job applicants, selecting only, those with suitable skill sets, energy, initiative, judgment, and aptitudes for learning and adaptability to the companies work environment and culture.
  • VSSPL put their employees through training programs that continue throughout their careers.
  • VSSPL give their employees challenging, interesting, and skills-stretching assignments.
  • VSSPL encourages employees to be creative and innovative and to submit ideas for new products or businesses. Progressive companies work hard at creating a work environment where work ideas and suggestions bubble up from below rather than proceed from the top down. Employees are made to feel their opinions count.
  • Average performers are coached to do better, while under performers and benchwarmers are weeded out.

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