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VarNik system services (offshore support of Mass System Services Inc.) have teamed up to launch dedicated cloud to help you leverage the power of cloud computing. These facilities have been designed to the highest IT global standards using cutting-edge technologies. We build superior solutions that take the complexity out of the cloud. Our IT- friendly cloud services are secure, easy-to-use and ready to run high performance application.

“We believe we’re moving out of the Ice Age, the Iron Age, the Industrial Age, the Information Age, to the participation age”

We provide superior consulting services for managing the implementation of IT infrastructure services. VarNik has released its next generation backup and disaster recovery line. We are specialized in offering Business continuity solutions and mass storage system solutions for both domestic and international clients.

We excel in Data center build outs, colo (colocation) enterprise servers, Mass storage systems, Oracle/MSSQL databases, Tape backup data replication, data compression, data de-duplication including multiple site disaster recovery solutions. We have collaboration with leading IT solution providers like IBM, HP, EMC, VMWARE, BROCADE etc…

“Our virtual desktop will eradicate the hardware generation gap in your computer”

We are in our emerging journey to bring cloud technology affordable to end users as “VarNik cloud”. Our Virtual desktop brings your imagination into real also enable digitization of innovative ideas.

“Now unlock infinite possibilities on the cloud with unmatched security”


Our Products

We Are The Best

VarNik System Services Pvt Ltd.,(offshore support for Mass System Services Inc) is an unparallel leader in the distribution of cloud services and other IT related cutting edge technologies. We provide services which helps organizations migrate to the cloud through hosting of servers, desktops, storage and other cloud services.

Our philosophy is to provide services within premium user experience. We put our customers’ needs in the forefront.

We are in an emerging journey to bring cloud technology affordable to end users as “VarNik Cloud”. We bring your imagination in to real. We are becoming the most sought after cloud solution and IT service provider in the industry.


Cloud Product

Virtual Desktop


Virtual Desktop

We provide you the flexibility to work anywhere, while allowing you to seamlessly access your corporate environment running in the datacenter from a wide range of devices through our Virtual Desktop. The complex, variable workload of desktop virtualization in the in-bound environment makes it challenging to achieve the results. But with our VarNik Cloud, we thrive to make your business succeed.

We build you a dedicated private environment that is fast and flexible enough to run everything from your CRM systems to your ERP solutions. We give you a complete consolidated layer of control over every aspect of your IT environment with our cloud solutions


With our unique VarNik Cloud VDI plan, your organization can give each user or power user their own Virtual Dedicated Desktop. The plan includes redundant Active Directory Controllers (for security) and a Virtual Dedicated File Server (for store and share your files).LEARN MORE


VarNik Cloud – VDI plans are easy to manage. Using Linked-Clone technology, install patches and software on just one image, and every desktop in your environment is immediately upgraded. Have the system automatically create new desktops when users join your organization.LEARN MORE

Virtual Server


Virtual Server

Virtualization increases the flexibility and efficiency of your IT environment. With VarNik providing you the virtual server, you can plan, deploy and manage a virtualized infrastructure that is cheap and easy for you to manage.

We provide you a reliable and optimized virtualization solution enabling you to improve your server utilization in a reduced cost. With VarNik Virtual Server, increase hardware utilization and cut power costs while enabling you and your organization to rapidly configure and deploy new servers..LEARN MORE




We’ve designed the best system needs for you for your Database requirements. We help you take the pain out of database management. Our Database products are with high performance, hosted in cloud to help you with tasks like migration, replication, backups, indexing, and query optimization. Add it to your solution, and start enjoying the benefits of an easy-to-use database deployed on purpose-built hardware. LEARN MORE




We are specialized in the day-to-day management of your email platform and let you focus on your business. We provide essential protection for your mailbox while virtually eliminating the need to manage hardware and software on site.

Add domains, users and let us take-care the rest for you. Email Service features includes Email, Calendaring, Storage, Sync and more. LEARN MORE




Welcome to our new world of storing and securing the data. You are opening the gates for potential designs for your business. Your business needs today may differ from your business needs in future. And that’s why we have wide range of storage services to offer you.

We’ve the right storage solution for you with all fully managed—from deployment, to updates, to troubleshooting—by our experienced and certified storage experts.

Mini PC


Mini PC

For those who don’t want the space to be occupied by a computer or a laptop or those who don’t want to use a larger laptop, then VarNik Mini PC is an ideal solution for them. Often based on laptop components, these machines don’t take up much space and offer all the functionality of a standard PC. You can choose the application based on your business needs, be it Digital Signage or Virtual Learning Environment, we provide you with a miniPC.
VarNik has designed an android mini PC device in such a way to deliver the functionality and reliability with 24/7 Digital Signage installations and Virtual Learning Environment. VarNik miniPCs are ideally suited for high end digital signage and extremely tailored training courses for educational institutions with the cost of ownership as low as possible.

Cloud Application

Virtual Learning


VarNik Virtual Learning Environment

In today’s diverse technology world, we are forced to keep abreast with constant stream of business and technological changes to stay ahead. Often this change is challenging for students as they are forced more than anyone else. And this challenge of staying ahead creates fear, uncertainty, doubt and stress.
With our VarNik Virtual Learning Environment, we will help students better understand how to adapt to change and how they can enhance their resilience.

We specialize in creating innovative e-learning solutions which focus on custom courses that fit specific needs. With our profound expertise, we assure you that our framework will be cost effective, engaging and flexible learning experience..LEARN MORE

Surveillance Monitor


Surveillance Monitor

VarNik incorporates the best of technology in the Video Surveillance field and offers fully integrated, cost effective, turn-key services second to none. Of course, stored or archived video can be viewed, retrieved, and delivered anywhere, anytime and also live viewing of the camera feeds through any Internet connection.
In a world of diverse and complex risks, delivering effective security is a real challenge. And for the business knowing what’s happening in and around the premises could make all the difference in the well-being of the business.

Enjoy greater peace of mind with VarNik Video Surveillance that your business is safe and operations are running smoothly, wherever you go. VarNik Video Surveillance supports webcams and virtually any IP camera from any brand. We give you flexibility to combine the hardware of your choice and connect it to our service for cloud storage of video, mobile connectivity and a simple live viewing interface..LEARN MORE

Digital Signage


Digital Signage

VarNik offers Cloud-Based digital signage with several impressive benefits, from reducing on-premises infrastructure and CAPEX to fast and easy scalability to third-party management and security of cloud-based apps
Manage unlimited remote screens; add RSS, stock tickers, weather live TV, layered screen divisions, HD videos, animation and hundreds of other components. Deliver an engaging presentation to your audience anytime, anywhere.

Wherever you are, VarNik Digital Signage is right there with you. You can login anytime, anywhere from any device to manage your content and make them available for your customers. We are thriving to deliver the same beautiful experience across all the devices..LEARN MORE

Web Hosting


Web Hosting

Website is an important tool which makes the presence of the Business felt strongly in the online marketing field.
We turn your complicated business in to stylish webhosting service. Get your website with industry-standard control panels, free 24/7 phone or online support and 99.9% uptime. We assure you that we will have your site up and running always.

Web Conference


Web Conference

With online meeting, you can accelerate your business productivity.You can meet anywhere and can connect using your PC, Mac or Smartphone with the integrated audio device. Also record your meetings for those who missed.

Our Clients

Client Service

We provide services which helps organizations migrate to the cloud through hosting of servers, desktops, storage and other cloud services.

Our philosophy is to provide services within premium user experience. We put our customers’ needs in the forefront.

Vasan Engineering Industries (P) Ltd.

vasan Engineering industries is one of the leading engineering concern in Trichy.With 33 challenging years of experience they serve as a prime sub-contractor to BHEL-Trichy.

Sri Sai Krishnas Marketing (P) Ltd

Surabhi Suzuki is a main dealer for SUZUKI Motorcycle india Pvt Ltd in two wheelers division at Madurai K.K.Nagar From March 2014 and also distribution for HINDUSTAN UNILEVER (HUL consumer division) in the name of SRI SAI KRISHNAS MARKETING LTD, from year 2009.

Kerala Ayurveda Hospital

KAH- Kerala Ayurveda Hospital – KAH ( ISO9001:2008 Certified ) was established with the aim of making available the wisdom of Ayurveda for modern day ailments and life style.Kerala Ayurveda Hospital had made achievements in treating thousands suffering from diseases like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

Nadar Saraswathi College of Education

The Prestigious team of Theni Melapettai Hindu Nadar Uravinmurai had started the NADAR SARASWATHI COLLEGE OF EDUCATION in 2005 which offers 10 major subjects for B.Ed Course and M.Ed Courses.

Manghalam Food Courts

Manghalam Food Court A Popular mall located at the heart of Trichy.Manghalam Foodcourt has been Leisurous spot for people in trichy.

The Address Architecture

The Address Architecture Consult - Architectural & Interior design - making the hard-earned money of our clients to be thoughtfully invested into buildings for realising the projected financial returns while adding 1) TIMELESS & SUITABLE ambience to the built & 2) COMFORT to the user.

Stunning Works in our portfolio


Storage Area Network Support Team

VSSPL took a collaborative approach in supporting the innovative and evolving technology of Storage Area Networks (SANs) by working with networking industry leaders.
VSSPL’s Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions help reduce the complexity of configuration, management and back-up of your data reducing your capital expenditure on data storage and your operational costs. SAN make large storage pools shareable across the enterprise, centralize storage management and dramatically improve storage utilization, which results in lower costs.
Networked storage solutions provide better performance for the applications that drive your business. Our team thrives to provide the skills, areas of expertise, processes, tools and methodologies needed to help optimize the management of your storage environment – without significant up-front investments.

Multiple Wired to Backup

Backup Support Team

With VSSPL Backup team, we have designed backup/restore environment that would employ high performance and stability to solve the ever increasing problem of tight windows for data backup. We have the best and skilled techies on board and were able to provide backup and restore solutions to customers with top class services which is unique in today’s market.


AD/ Exchange & Server Support Team

Exchange Support Team:

VSSPL is committed to delivering industry-leading customer support in related with active directory/ exchange services. We partner with our customers to improve operations and add value to their business.

Active Directory’s main purpose is to provide central authentication and authorization services for Windows-based computers. Active Directory also allows administrators to assign policies, deploy software, and apply critical updates to an organization. Exchange is a popular Microsoft messaging system that is used for e-mail-based collaborative communications and which is an online storage facility for not only your emails, but your calendars, contacts, notes and tasks, that you can access anywhere with any device connected to internet.

Our techie guys operate to provide a high quality of service and technical support to our customers by effectively using industry standards and tools to provide problem determination and resolution to our customers.

Server Support Team:

Our mission at VSSPL Server Support is to provide high quality Linux and Windows server management, at affordable rates to all our clients. VSSPL Server Support team proactively monitors your server and network infrastructure, freeing up your valuable resources, and giving you the peace of mind to concentrate on your core business.  VSSPL Server Support team also provide management support for VMWare Virtualization and VMWare Horizon View products. Our tech engineers operates in such  a way that you will feel you have your own dedicated in-house extended office.

Our experienced team of engineers will maximize uptime, optimize performance, and ensure maximum security of your servers and network devices.


Software Development

Our team is a united group of like-minded professionals which is the capital asset of VSSPL. We have formed a dedicated team of highly capable developers to work solely on a single client’s project for a specified period. This service empowers clients to fully control every aspect of the development, including time management.

The big draw of this service is the heightened level of accessibility and interaction the clients has towards VSSPL developer. It fast-tracks delivery and launch, perfect for projects that are on a tight schedule. We work on projects that includes mobile development, web development and stand-alone applications.

Mobile Development:

We are expert in development of enterprise, e-commerce and educational mobile applications. Our mobile app developers have developed applications for iPhone, Android and Windows. Choose your platform and hire our team. Your need for the mobile application ends with us!

Web Development:

We help you build full featured support platform that has everything your business have to offer your clients. Our web development team has professionals who broaden their theories and thoughts when it comes to clients requirements and have provided greater solution to each and every client requirement.

Stand-alone Applications:

Our team of professionals develop stand-alone applications such as Windows Desktop Application, Java Standalone/ Server applications etc., We build world-class best applications that tailors all your specifications. Our team with the expertise and passion for technology makes all your dreams come true!


Research And Development

Innovation is the way of thinking which we bring in what we do. Our R&D team keeps us and our clients at the forefront of innovation, while this innovation gives strong, sustainable and inspirational IT product/ service. The challenging task of driving product innovation has been carefully addressed by appropriately identifying the required set of core competency areas. Our team of world class engineers work hard to create the market trends and set new standards of excellence.


What They Said After Using Our product.

“The product is welcomed by every students (much useful).will like to have a demo in our college.”

-Ganesh Joghee
-Architecture, 2009-2014
-RVS School of Architecture
-Ganesh Joghee -Architecture, 2009-2014 -RVS School of Architecture

“Its interesting software. Its is useful for our rendering works.”

-Architecture, 2010-2015
-Rangaraj -Architecture, 2010-2015 -MD.SATHAK

“Gud, it very useful to access from anywhere and time saving”

-B.Arch, 2012-2016
-Prahar School of Architecture,coimbatore
-shastidharan -B.Arch, 2012-2016 -Prahar School of Architecture,coimbatore

“this is very use full to future generation”

-S. Karpaga srinivasan
-ECE, 2009-2014
-RVS college of engg
-S. Karpaga srinivasan -ECE, 2009-2014 -RVS college of engg

It is very useful. I got some idea about virtual desktop.

-Nivetha J
-M.E CSE, 2012-2015
-DMI Engineering College
-Nivetha J -M.E CSE, 2012-2015 -DMI Engineering College

“This is useful for us.your project is excellent.”

Sundar Raj R
-ECE, 2009-2013
Sundar Raj R -ECE, 2009-2013 -RVS CET

“Its very useful for us. Too cheap”

-Anbu Priya
-B.Arch, 2012-2017
-RVS-KVK School of Architecture
-Anbu Priya -B.Arch, 2012-2017 -RVS-KVK School of Architecture

“Auto CAD is so easy to use in this but there is no Rivite is available for use in civil field its is nice and good to use.”

-S.Leo Jones
-B.E Civil, 2010-2014
-S.Leo Jones -B.E Civil, 2010-2014 -R.V.S CET

“it was new thyping whicncome we know about it”

-M. Ashok chakaravarthy
-B.TECH, 2011-2015
-M. Ashok chakaravarthy -B.TECH, 2011-2015 -C.A.P.E. SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE

“Your project work is good, but your service cost is just high.try to give a low cost.”

-Suresh C
-ECE, 2009-2013
-RVS College of Engineering
-Suresh C -ECE, 2009-2013 -RVS College of Engineering

“I got more idea about virtual desktop.”

-Jenitha Wangelin J
-M.E (CSE), 2012-2014
-DMI Engineering College,Aralvaimozhi
-Jenitha Wangelin J -M.E (CSE), 2012-2014 -DMI Engineering College,Aralvaimozhi

“With low cost we can use many softwares. Speed is high.”

-Sindhu J
-CSE, 2012-2014
-DMI Engineering College
-Sindhu J -CSE, 2012-2014 -DMI Engineering College


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VarNik System Services Pvt. Ltd. (offshore support of Mass System Services Inc.) have teamed up to launch dedicated cloud to help you leverage the power of cloud computing. These facilities have been designed to the highest IT global standards using cutting-edge technologies. We build superior solutions that take the complexity out of the cloud. Our IT- friendly cloud services are secure, easy-to-use and ready to run high performance application.

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